launches her website to tackle food wastage across Africa using technology
(A Business 2 Business marketplace platform for small scale vendors and farmers)

Good news to farmers and vendor across Africa as Ablefood launches her website to cater for the decay which is also known as food wastage of farm produce due to one reasons or the other.

On May 1st 2019 which was the day Ablefood launched their official website which has its URL to be One of our team at CoolTech interviewed co-founder Bamidele Emmanuel and he said the following…

“We realized the gap between farmers and farm produce vendors and how this lead to avoidable decay of foods. How the farm produce perish at the cost of farmers looking for favourable market. And at the end these farmers got to sell the produce off in a price that doesn’t cover the production cost, for instance.

Ablefood food wastage 

Ablefood food wastage

Getting to the market, this produce skyrocket just because of the chain of middlemen involved in the channel. Vendor on the other hand always have to wake up as early as 4am. As a result, they go out to buy their goods at the large scale open air market before transporting it to their stall, for instance.

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In addition, Report shows  that 60% of food waste occurs after harvest in Nigeria. And worst of it we spend billions of naira importing food. This is why ablefood came into existence to breach the gap.


Ablefood food wastage

The challenge is not so much in producing as it is in storage management, supply chain and delivery logistics. And we should double our present production capacity to cater for the population growth in 2050. (UN Agric report).

This is why our company proactively came up with Ablefood. A technology company that eases the rigour of connecting farmers to vendor thereby fostering the delivery of fresh farm produce to vendors in time and preventing decay.”

With improved delivery logistics and data management. They will be able to help farmers supply fresh farm produce to vendors at favourably stable market situation, better price management (high to low formula). Also,  relatively better convenience and subsequently ensure food security.

They have launched their web system while thier mobile app is still in progress.

Ablefood is open for investors as they are starting their operation in Lagos. However, you can access thier website and register as a farmer or vendor by clicking here


In few years to come, the company would be seen as the largest food distribution company in Africa. Where zero food wastage occuring and improving the life of farmers with the use of technology and data management.

Ablefood food wastage

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