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Infinix zero 6 with 6gb ram and 128gb Launched

Infinix mobility has simply dropped a new device that takes place to be the successor to the zero 5 device. This new device is known as “infinix zero 6”. Infinix zero 6 became launched at the 30th of march, 2019 at Radisson Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos state. From most of the specifications, you

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 To Use Different SIM Card

Hi guys, today we will learn How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 To Use Different SIM Card in this article but first of all, let’s make some introduction on Samsung Mobile. Introduction Samsung’s smartphones have remained among the topmost sellers for years. Their products continue to make strong penetrations into different markets

WhatsApp Banned Account:10 Things To Avoid Now

WhatsApp banned account now In the last few years, WhatsApp became one of the most important mode of communication for most people. From official communication to chatting with friends and family, it has become the tool that millions of people across the world use. However, it’s important not to misuse the platform

Airtime to Cash: Convert Your Accumulated Airtime To Cash

Airtime to instant cash? Accumulated airtime?, mistakenly over-recharged?, accepting airtime as payment from customers? Aimtoget got you covered. You can easily convert all airtime to instant cash in Nigeria. Aimtoget lets you convert airtime of all networks to cash in less than 5 minutes. With aimtoget you can easily convert MTN, 9mobile,

How To Read Lovers/Friends Whatsapp Messages

Sometimes you just feel things are not right with your lover and would like to know what he/she is up to on Whatsapp. To affirm the trust between you and your lover, I will be teaching you How To Read Lovers/Friends Whatsapp Messages From Your Phone. Disclaimer – Cool Technologies is not

How to Make Your Phone Unreachable Without Switching Off

For some reasons, people sometimes want their mobile phone to be unreachable when dialed. Callers can easily identify when a number is switched off and when unreachable, therefore, switching off doesn’t solve the problem. In this post, I will be teaching you How to Make Your Android Phone Unreachable Without Switching Off.

Phone Overheating? This Is How To Fix It

  I saw my sister putting a sachet water on her phone while charging I was curious to ask her why, she said the phone was overheating. So I decided to find the ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues. Enjoy yourself as you read on. 1. Use Original Charger Have you

How to fix memory card not detected issue on smartphone.

Below is how to fix memory card not detected issue Maybe the reason why your  SD (memory) card isn’t being detected is because it’s covered with dirt. Follow the steps below to clean it up. Solution 1 – gently rub the SD card Take your external memory card off your Android smartphone

5 Apps Every Student Needs…No 4 is important

With smartphones and devices always by our side, why not use them to make your student life easier? Here are the 5 apps every student needs: 1. Uber /Taxify These apps are good for getting around without breaking the bank. With their fairly cheap trips, hassle-free booking and cash-free payments straight in

Google Faces Another Android Antitrust Fine in India

Google has been doing battle with European regulators for years, a struggle which last year resulted in a record antitrust fine of €4.34 billion in the EU. Now, Google might be looking at another major regulatory headache. Reports indicate that India’s antitrust regulators are beginning an investigation of Google, and Android is