How to fix memory card not detected issue on smartphone.

Below is how to fix memory card not detected issue

Maybe the reason why your  SD (memory) card isn’t being detected is because it’s covered with dirt. Follow the steps below to clean it up.

Solution 1 – gently rub the SD card

Take your external memory card off your Android smartphone or tablet. Make sure that your device is turned off as you do this.

Use a white colored rubber eraser to rub the copper piece ( gold yellow color ) on your MicroSD card.

Once you’re quite sure it’s clean, plug it back into the memory slot and then turn your android smartphone or tablet on.

With any luck, it should work now and you shouldn’t have any more problems with your MicroSD card not being detected on your handset.

But if the problem persists, move on to the second solution below

Solution 2 – erase SD card

This is the part where you delete everything on your external storage.

Follow the steps below.

Open the ‘ Settings ’ app on your device and then go to Storage .

Find the ‘ Erase SD card ’ option and tap on it. This deletes all data and makes it look like a new memory.

In many cases, completely erasing the SD card has solved the problem. But if it doesn’t work for you, move on to the third possible solution below

Solution 3 – use your PC to diagnose

At this stage, you need to do something more technical than just wiping your MicroSD card or erasing its data.

Connect your Android device to a PC or laptop via the USB cable.

Ensure that the device is connected as MSC (Mass storage mode) , not MTP (Media transfer mode) .

Launch windows explore on your PC and right click on the MicroSD card driver. In the options that appear, choose

Properties>Tools>Error Checking . Wait for the process to complete.

After completion, eject your SD card and put it back into the memory slot on your phone or tablet. Check whether it works.

Solution 4 – format your SD card

In the case that your MicroSD card is being detected on the PC, but not showing on your smartphone, go ahead and try this fix.

Create a folder on your PC’s hard disk storage, and name it as you like. This folder will be used as a temporary storage to backup files on your damaged card.

Paste the entire content of your microSD card into this folder.

Format your microSD card.

Once the format process is complete, copy back your data from the folder into the microSD card.

Put it into your phone and check whether it’s showing.

If it doesn’t work, try repeating the steps again.

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For most Android devices, any of these fixes should clear the SD card not detected issue. For some devices, though, the problem could be much more complicated, and you need to explore solutions that are specific to that device to get help.

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