How To Remove A Password From A PDF file: Four Easy ways

How do I open an encrypted PDF? This is a question that most PDF users are faced with from time to time. With PDF being one of the most popular file formats for documents, especially when it comes to businesses and learning, it is not uncommon to find a PDF file encrypted with a password to protect it from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, the encryption can be quite annoying, as you will be prompted to enter the passcode any time you want to access it. So, how do you remove a password from PDF files?

Ways to remove PDF password

However, it is possible to unlock a password protected PDF file and remove the passcode, thus ensuring easy access to the document whenever you need it. In this guide, we have compiled a number of ways to remove protection from PDF.

Here are they below

1. Unlocking a file using password removal software

One of the ways to remove protection from a Portable Document Format file is by using professional passcode remover or recovery software. These software tools are readily available online, and they help to unlock encrypted documents by removing editing, printing, and copyrighting restrictions that are placed by the encryption. Some advanced software can even unlock an encrypted file if you have forgotten the password.

Tenoshare password recovery – a Windows-based software that helps you to unlock files when you have forgotten passwords

PDFCrack – a passcode cracking tool for PDF documents that allows you to recover owner and user forgotten passwords

PDfCrypt – a passcode remover, which removes the password encryption, thus unlocking your document. Unlike password recovery tools, the software does not recover the password, only removes password protection from the document.

Unlock PDF – an online document unlocking software that unlocks encrypted files

Can you unlock an encrypted file without software? While the software option is a great way to remove password from files, finding the right software, downloading and installing it, and removing the password can be quite a process.

It can also get more daunting when one software fails to work, thus requiring you to find another one. Besides, you can easily remove the password if you can remember it. So, how can you remove a password from a file without software? Well, here are some ways you can use.

2. Remove password from PDF using Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is one of the most popular applications for opening documents. However, it can do much more than that. You can use the application to edit these files, convert them to other types of files, and even to remove the password. To remove a password from a document using Adobe Reader, simply follow the following steps:

√ Download and install Adobe Acrobat (Pro) on your computer – that is, if you do not have the application already.

√ Open the encrypted PDF file using Adobe Reader – note, to access the document, you will be prompted to enter the password.

√ Once the file is open, go to the “File” tab located at the top-left corner of the application interface and then click on the “Properties” tab

√ Open the “Security” tab and in the “Security Method” drop-down menu, select “No Security”. This will remove the password protection from the document, thus allowing you to access it without further password prompts.

3. Using Google Chrome

One of the easiest ways to remove a passcode from a document is by using the Google Chrome browser. The browser comes with an inbuilt document reader, which you can use to open the PDF document and remove the protection. So, how do I remove password from PDF in Chrome? Follow the following steps to find out:

√ Install (or update) the latest version of Google Chrome browser on your computer

√ Open the file using your browser – you can do this easily by dragging and dropping the document into the Chrome browser tab

√ Enter the password for the document and then hit enter to open it

√ Go to the “File” menu in the browser and choose the print option. You can also do this using keyboard shortcut (by pressing Ctrl + P)

√ In the “Destination” section of the printer interface, select “Save as PDF.”

√ Click the “Save” button and then select the file destination on your PC where you want the new file to be saved. The file will be saved in the chosen location, without any password protection

Aside from saving the unlocked file to your PC, you can also save it to your Google Drive cloud account. To do this:

√ Sign into the Google Chrome browser using your email address (for which you have a Google Drive account

√ Open the encrypted file and select the print option

In the “Destination” section of the printer interface, select “Save to Google Drive.”

√ Click the “Save” button to send an unlocked copy of the file to your Google Drive account

√ Sign in to your Google Drive account to access and/or download the unencrypted document

4. Remove password from PDF using Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is another application that you can use to unlock an encrypted file without using software tools. Like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader allows you to open and read PDF files, as well as edit them, convert them, and even change security settings. So, how do I remove a Foxit PDF password? Follow the following steps to find out:

√ Download and install the latest version of Foxit Reader

√ Open the file using Foxit Reader and enter the passcode when prompted

√ Press the Print function (using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + P)

√ In the print interface, select “Foxit Reader PDF Printer” as your printer

√ Click the “Ok” button to print the document, which will then create a new and an exact copy of the original file, but without protection.

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How to remove password from PDF on your phone

Asides from PC and online based document unlocking tools, it is also possible to remove a password from PDF on the phone. One of the phone-based tools you can use is PDF Viewer an Android PDF document reader. Below is a look at how you can use it to unlock an encrypted PDF document:

√ Go to Google Play Store and download PDF Viewer

√ Load your encrypted document using the PDF Viewer app

√ Enter the password for the document when prompted to open it

√ Go to the menu section of the application and click on the “print” button

√ Save the file to your desired location on the phone (rename the file with the .pdf format at the end to save it as a PDF document). The saved file will be an exact copy of the original file but without protection.

√ Looking to unlock an encrypted PDF file? The above are some of the easiest ways to remove a password from a PDF file. Using these solutions, you can be able to unlock your document, thus providing you with easier access – without the need of having to enter a passcode any time you need to open the file. Some of these solutions can even help you to unlock files whose key you have lost or forgotten.

Disclaimer: This guide isn’t meant to help you in removing passwords from documents illegally. Instead, some of the methods discussed here are intended for people who have forgotten their passwords or need to remove passwords for legal reasons.

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