Everybody ought to create a blog. Since everybody has something to say! Blogging has turned into a piece of us, an important piece of us. Regardless of what you do, a blog could help you! WHY YOU SHOULD CREATE A BLOG When it comes to making money online, having a blog is

How To Remove A Password From A PDF file: Four Easy ways

How do I open an encrypted PDF? This is a question that most PDF users are faced with from time to time. With PDF being one of the most popular file formats for documents, especially when it comes to businesses and learning, it is not uncommon to find a PDF file encrypted


If you are looking for how to start a blog, then this is the right place to come. Consider your problem already solved. We are going to show you considerations and decisions to make before starting a blog. Please note that this is a beginner’s first step. Things you need to consider

How To Read Lovers/Friends Whatsapp Messages

Sometimes you just feel things are not right with your lover and would like to know what he/she is up to on Whatsapp. To affirm the trust between you and your lover, I will be teaching you How To Read Lovers/Friends Whatsapp Messages From Your Phone. Disclaimer – Cool Technologies is not

Free Unlimited Browsing On MTN with Hammer VPN

Hello guys, guess what we are back again with another blazing hot free unlimited browsing cheat on MTN and how to activate it so easy above all. But the problem is that the cheat work unlimited on some sims while some only capped at 500MB/day.  For instance, Hammer VPN’s free server which

How to Make Your Phone Unreachable Without Switching Off

For some reasons, people sometimes want their mobile phone to be unreachable when dialed. Callers can easily identify when a number is switched off and when unreachable, therefore, switching off doesn’t solve the problem. In this post, I will be teaching you How to Make Your Android Phone Unreachable Without Switching Off.

Phone Overheating? This Is How To Fix It

  I saw my sister putting a sachet water on her phone while charging I was curious to ask her why, she said the phone was overheating. So I decided to find the ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues. Enjoy yourself as you read on. 1. Use Original Charger Have you