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WhatsApp Banned Account:10 Things To Avoid Now

WhatsApp banned account now In the last few years, WhatsApp became one of the most important mode of communication for most people. From official communication to chatting with friends and family, it has become the tool that millions of people across the world use. However, it’s important not to misuse the platform

Airtime to Cash: Convert Your Accumulated Airtime To Cash

Airtime to instant cash? Accumulated airtime?, mistakenly over-recharged?, accepting airtime as payment from customers? Aimtoget got you covered. You can easily convert all airtime to instant cash in Nigeria. Aimtoget lets you convert airtime of all networks to cash in less than 5 minutes. With aimtoget you can easily convert MTN, 9mobile,

How To Remove A Password From A PDF file: Four Easy ways

How do I open an encrypted PDF? This is a question that most PDF users are faced with from time to time. With PDF being one of the most popular file formats for documents, especially when it comes to businesses and learning, it is not uncommon to find a PDF file encrypted

Increase your android ram with this simple steps

There are a number of ways to increase your Android device’s RAM But for any of them to work you need to have a ROOTED android device. So i am going to spell out the easiest way to increase your device’s RAM- Use ROEHSOFT RAM premium, It is an application available on

How to fix hanging problems on your phone

How to fix hanging problems After saving for several months, you finally get the phone you have been yearning for. It is all new and shiny but a few months later, you realise that it is no longer as fast as it used to be. You tap and swipe and it takes