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5 Apps Every Student Needs…No 4 is important

With smartphones and devices always by our side, why not use them to make your student life easier? Here are the 5 apps every student needs: 1. Uber /Taxify These apps are good for getting around without breaking the bank. With their fairly cheap trips, hassle-free booking and cash-free payments straight in

Google Faces Another Android Antitrust Fine in India

Google has been doing battle with European regulators for years, a struggle which last year resulted in a record antitrust fine of €4.34 billion in the EU. Now, Google might be looking at another major regulatory headache. Reports indicate that India’s antitrust regulators are beginning an investigation of Google, and Android is

Increase your android ram with this simple steps

There are a number of ways to increase your Android device’s RAM But for any of them to work you need to have a ROOTED android device. So i am going to spell out the easiest way to increase your device’s RAM- Use ROEHSOFT RAM premium, It is an application available on